Key Milestones

Hans Energy Company Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands and its shares are listed in the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 554). The current brand name “Hans Energy” was adopted by the Company in 2005.

The Company was established in 1993 and its shares were listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997. Its then principle businesses were manufacture and sales of paper packaging products, handbags and luggage, and audio cassette products.

In 2002, the Company was under corporate restructuring and the controlling shareholding changed hands. By end of 2004, the Company successfully acquired Xiao Hu Island Terminal and disposed the paper packaging manufacturing business to transform itself into oil and petrochemicals storage and terminal business. In the beginning of 2005, the name “Hans Energy Company Limited” was formally adopted to reflect its core business and the focus of its resources in the future.

Hans Energy is now a major integrated logistics services provider of oil and liquid petrochemical terminal and storage facilities as well as a leading midstream player in the PRC’s energy industry.

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