Solid Chemical Warehouse Introduction

Insisting on the concept of continuous development, GD petrochemical has established an integrated an integrated petrochemical logistics and storage center in 2011, mainly stores drum and solid hazardous chemicals, with the assistant services such as drum filling, physical blending, loading and discharging. It is the third major project other than Dongzhou Petrochemical operated by Hans Energy – China, GD Petrochemical Logistics Storage Center is the best logistics and storage center in the Pearl River Delta at present, with the largest scale scale, the highest modernization and the strongest distribution capability. The logistics and storage center is approximately 33,000?m3, with class A, B, C hazardous chemicals storage warehouses, Moreover, it has small horizontal thanks area, drum filling area, chemicals blending area and empty drum storage area, which is able to offer the storage and operation services of general products and hazardous chemicals of catalogue III, IV, V, VI, VIII and IX.


Three classes of Warehouses

Types of dangerous goods warehouses Gross area Quantity of rooms Averaged area of each room
Class A 4,500㎡ 9 500㎡
Class B 16,200 ㎡ 27 600㎡
Class C 11,625 ㎡ 15 775㎡
Total 32,325 ㎡

Operation Area

Zones Area of zone Services
Drun Filing Area 2,094㎡ Drum Filling from tank, tank truck or Iso-tank
Blending Area 396㎡ Physical blending bulk chemicales
  • Drum and solid hazardous

  • Bulk chemicals horizontal tanks

  • Tank truck or ISOTANK.

  • Door to door logistics service (by the transportation contractor)

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