Introduction and Message from the Chairman

Hans Energy is committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, corporate governance and effective accountability mechanisms in every aspect of its business. Conducting business in a socially responsible and honest manner serves both the Group’s and shareholders’ long-term interests.

Hans Energy’s objective is to be as open and transparent as possible about its structure, financial reporting, internal controls, disclosure procedures and decision-making process. These are also the elements on which a relationship of trust between the Group and all its stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders and the investors) can be built.

Hans Energy continually monitors and assesses proposals, recommendations, initiatives and regulations regarding principles and practice of corporate governance. We have taken the necessary actions to comply with the law, regulation, rules and Corporate Governance Code in Hong Kong.

On this part of Hans Energy’s website, you will find high transparency with the timely release of relevant corporate information.

David An


Hong Kong, 1st October 2008

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